The Arizona Regional Doctor Who Interest Society is a social club

that was started in 1983 by fans from The Phoenix, AZ Metro area

and is still activate today.

Primarily we meet every two weeks and we watch Doctor Who

Episodes (Classic & Modern). Especially during the TV Series airings.

Then it's just watching them during the non-seasonal times also.

We also have gamed (Board Games mostly) 

Watched other British Science Fiction
Or other TV shows and Movies upon consensus request.

We are first and foremost a club for SF fans who just want to
get together and talk person-to-person and share experience, stories,
play with our phones, and enjoy the company of others.

We do have a Facebook page though:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/119444238161360/

Schedule of Meetings:  http://eocenearizona.com/page3.html