Series II
Children In Need Special
-- Behind the Scenes at a Post-Regeneration

The Christmas Invasion
Will the New Doctor be well enough to save the world from the Sycrorax?

New Earth
The human race has a new home but they have a Cassandra problem.

Tooth and Claw
Queen Victoria. Werewolves. And the Founding of Torchwood.

School Reunion
Sarah Jane Smith!! K-9!!!

The Girl in the Fireplace
Can the Doctor cheat fate and save his love?

Rise of the Cybermen (1 of 2)
The Age of Steel (2 of 2)

They're back!! and from a parallel universe.
Delete! Delete! Delete!

The Idiot's Lantern
This Ghost in the Machine is not very nice.

The Impossible Planet (1 of 2)
The Satan Pit (2 of 2)

So what happens when a Time Lord faces off against the Devil??

Love & Monsters
Love it or Hate it. It's fandom.

Fear Her
London 2012, A little girl has a very nasty thing in her closet!

Army of Ghosts

The Cybermen vs The Daleks and Torchwood!!