UK: 2005
US: 2006
A humble shop girl and a Time Lord from Gallifrey  come together to fight some Autons.

The End of the World
The year 5 Billion --The end of the Earth, for real.

The Unquiet Dead
Charles Dickens. Ghosts. And The Dead Walking.
Do you need anything more?

Aliens of London
An Alien Ship crashes in the Thames. Big News!

World War Three
Can the Doctor prevent it with the help of Mickey the Idiot?

A Collector has no idea what he's got, but the Doctor does.

The Long Game
Slavery by TV and  Floor 500 is the key.

Father's Day
Could saving your father from dying when you were a baby destroy the universe?
Rose is about to find out.

The Empty Child
Are you my Mummy? Gas mask Zombies. And Captain Jack Harkness.

The Doctor Dances
Can the Doctor and Company save the world from being "healed"?

Boom Town
The New Mayor Of Cardiff is vaguely familiar. And what's this about Nuclear Power Station on
the Rift?

Bad Wolf
Whose afraid of Reality TV 200,000 years in the future?

The Parting of the Ways
The Doctor. The Daleks. And Saving Rose. 2 of them will not survive.