Series 33/7

1- Asylum of The Daleks
The Doctor , Amy and Rory are captured by the Daleks.
They want them to save them from a planet full of insane Daleks!
And just who is Oswin Oswald anyways, she looks familiar?

2- Dinosaurs on a Spaceship
'Nuff said!

3- A Town Called Mercy
A cyborg is hunting some in the Old West.
The Sheriff must stop him.
That would be you, Doctor.
It's High Noon and does the bell toll for thee?

4- The Power of Three
The slow invasion of tiny cubes.
And the Power of Three will save the world.

5- The Angels Take Manhattan

Weeping Angels. 1930's New York and the strange parallel's of a Book by Melody Malone.
Hello, sweetie!
It's the Last Days of The Ponds and The Weeping Angels are here to collect.

2013 Second Half

6- The Bells of St. John
The Doctor finds his "Impossible Girl", a Nanny in Modern London.
But he does get much of chance to explore that as their is
something living in the Wi-Fi and if you click on it you'll die!!

7- The Rings of Akhaten
Clara wants to see something "awesome".
How about a Festival for a God in an Asteroid Field circling a Sun.
Grandfather is very hungry!

8- Cold War
1983. A Russian Sub in sinking. The Threat of a Nuclear War is
ever present and Dangerous. Tensions are very high.
Oh, and There's an ICE WARRIOR on board!!
No problem.

9-  Hide
Is the ghost haunting a mansion for real or is it hiding a secret

10- Journey to the Center of The TARDIS
'Nuff said! In 30 minutes or less or Else!

11- Crimson Horror
Victorian Yorkshire.
Sweetville, the perfect community.
Just a little TOO perfect.
So perfect no one ever leaves!

12- Nightmare in Silver
Hedgwicks, the grandest and greatest Amusement Park has a very dark

13.  The Name of The Doctor
Spoilers!  The Doctor's greatest secret has been discovered!
And will he saved by an Impossible Girl?

The Fiftieth Anniversary Special
"The Day of the Doctor"
What dark secret has the Doctor been hiding?
Why is Elizabeth The First in possession of a Painting called "Gallifrey Falls"?
The Moment has arrived.
Only 3 and 13 Doctors can save the day.

"The Time of The Doctor"
The Fall of The Eleventh

Here, the Doctor makes his last stand in a town called Christmas that sits on Trenzalore – the prophesized place of his death.

And his oldest enemy, the Daleks are their to kill him one last time as he is out of  Regenerations and this really is the end.

But the moment has been prepared for.