Series 32  (2011)
The Impossible Astronaut
The Doctor Summons his friends to Lake Silencio, Utah.
There is an Apollo Astronaut in the lake and they have
a fateful meeting.
Meanwhile, The Silence is revealed but don't look away...

2- Day of The Moon
July, 1969
Leading the Revolution!
The Silence will Fall!

3- The Curse of the Black Spot
April 1st, 1699
Avast Ye Landlubbers!
It's a right bloody good day for a Pirate Ship!
Real Pirates!
A Deadly Ghost!
And Swashbucling abounds!

4- The Doctor's Wife
Yes I said Wife! :)
Neil Gaiman brings you the TARDIS like you've never seen before.

5- The Rebel Flesh
Earth 30th Century
Progammable matter.
What happens when it starts think for itself?
And what if one of them is a Time Lord?

6- The Almost People
When is a lump of Flesh, a person?
And what if that person is a Time Traveller.
Well, Be prepared for anything or any body..

7- A Good Man Goes to War
What happens when you push a Good Man too Far?
What happens when a baby is revealed.
What happens when the Truth is revealed.
It changes everything.
Mid-Season Finale

8- Let's Kill Hitler!
Time: Now and in 1938
What else can you say when you save Hitler's Life from a Justice Robot.

9- Night Terrors
Time: Now
A Little Boy George is so frightened of Monsters that he attracts the Doctors
attentions, only to find these Monsters are real...

10 -- The Girl Who Waited
Time to save Amy from a terrible medical fate. Only, which one do you save?

11- The God Complex
Everyone is afraid of something. And in this place it will kill you.
So what is the Doctor afraid of?
Praise Him!

12- Closing Time
A Time Lord, A Human and a Baby Save the World!
Then, it's time to Die!

13- The Wedding of River Song
The end is nigh. Time to Pay the Piper.
The Impossible Astronaut rises!
And Time all happens at the same time.
Time is disintergrating.
The Question that must never be asked.
It's Wed or Dead, Doctor. Which one is it?