Series 31  (2010)
1- The Eleventh Hour
Time: Modern Day (and 12-14 years ago)
7 Year old Amelia Pond has a crack in her wall.
But it's a crack that isn't in the wall.
And Prisoner Zero has Escaped.
The newly regenerated Doctor has 20 Minutes to Save The World!

2- The Beast Below
Time: Over 1300 years in the Future
On board The Starship UK is a dark secret.
One that the population votes to forget.
And The Smilers are here to show you the way.

3- The Victory of the Daleks
Time; World War II, Britain
The Doctor Gets a call from an old friend, Winston Churchill.
He has a new weapon, called an "Ironside".
The Doctor knows it as a DALEK!!
So what are they up to?? and it's not serving tea...

4/5-  The Time of The Angels
Flesh & Stone
Time: The Future
Dr. River Song is Back.
She is after a Weeping Angel.
And what happens when an Angel is inside your head?
Amy is about to find out.
Don't open your eyes or you will die!
Not  even for second!

6  Vampires in Venice
Venice, Italy 1580
Their is something not right about the House of 
Calvierri  and the
creepy, beautiful girls who can't go out in the direct sunlight and can't be seen in the mirror.
Or is it something that doesn't mind being thought of in that way.

7  Amy's Choice

It's Time Lord versus Dream Lord
It's been five years since Amy Pond last travelled with the Doctor 

and when he lands in her garden again, 

on the eve of the birth of her first child, she finds herself facing a heartbreaking choice 

one that will change her life for ever.

8/9  The Hungry Earth
Cold Blood
Year: 2020   Wales
A Drill rig has just fired the first shot in a potential
race war.
Homo Repitilas (Better known as THE SILURIANS) have returned!!
And they are still not happy about vermin investation of their planet,
The Human Race.

10  Vincent & The Doctor
June 1890
What kind of  actual monster is lurking in the paintings of one of the human race's
greatest and most tortured artists, Vincent Van Gogh.
The Doctor wants to see for himself.  
though, is not so keen to be seen.

11  The Lodger
Present day Earth
To solve the mystery of the upstairs 
flat and save Amy  the Doctor must be a normal Human.
How hard could that be?

12  The Pandorica Opens
Time: Mostly 102AD Roman Britainia
Vincent Van Gogh has painted a vision.
Stonehenge has a secret.
A Roman Centurion has a Secret.
The races of the universe have a secret plan.
And at the center of it:
Professor River Song
The Doctor, The TARDIS
Amelia "Amy" Pond
An unholy Alliance will bring down Existence itself...

13  The Big Bang
Season Finale
Time:  102AD, 1996, and Present day - Sort of...
Something Old
Something New
Something Borrowed
Something BLUE!